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Providing truly responsive reporting to banks, government agencies, and commercial businesses, Response Technology, Inc. (RTI) offers the easiest and most functional reporting tool available, readily accessing every mainstream SQL database, while easily attaching data from Excel spreadsheets. All strata of business people leverage their vaults of information to achieve superior operational results with INSYTE, and developers easily integrate INSYTE into their applications to provide easy and powerful reporting solutions for both business and technical users.

 INSYTE is the only fingertip reporting toolproviding vital information immediately at the business level of community banks:

Reliable ~ Easy to Learn ~ Easy to Use ~ Incredible Power ~ Instant Results


Insyte for SQL
The Intuitive Reporting Tool

INSYTE for SQL&Excel solves the universal problem of how to easily and adequately anticipate future reporting requirements. INSYTE is designed to satisfy the needs of normal end users, unversed in the underlying technicalities of database structures, who need to quickly and easily synthesize all of their complex data into useful information. INSYTE is for business users who want practical knowledge now, including from combined SQL and Excel data, without having to depend on report specialists or database experts.

Insyte for Prime
For Community Banks using the Fiserv Premier System

INSYTE for Prime&Excel gives bankers an easy to use and powerful reporting tool to access the information needed for acquiring profitable customer relationships, providing a return on investment for their shareholders, and managing their business. Since 1994 RTI has delivered responsive reporting for community banks using the Fiserv Premier System. Discover at this link why so many banks are choosing INSYTE for Prime&Excel instead of, or in addition to, Viewpoint, et al.

Insyte for Intrieve
For Community Banks using Intrieve®Advantage

Harland Financial Solutions’ Intrieve®Advantage core solution has enhanced functionality built from proven technology. Using INSYTE attached to Oracle® relational databases, this solution gives bank managers both up-to-date information and end-of-month snapshots of their portfolios to help them meet any reporting need. INSYTE’s ease-of-use teamed with the comprehensive Oracle® databases of IntrieveAdvantage provides the tools to make every bank employee a financial consultant.

For Unisys Clearpath Users

INSYTE for Unisys remains the premier reporting tool for end users in the Unisys mainframe environment, where INSYTE first set the standard for truly easy to use reporting tools. While most of our original mainframe clients have easily graduated to various flavors of INSYTE for SQL, a few are still in the process of dealing with other legacy systems as they move towards improved reporting solutions, mostly state government entities.

A Smarter Way To Create Reports

INVISION for the Unisys Clearpath and A Series was originally developed by Response Technology in 1994, in cooperation with Fiserv and a consortium of community banks, to fulfill the reporting needs of banks using Information Technology Inc.’s Premier® financial information system. Utilizing INSYTE at its core, INVISION provided the long sought capability for community banks to easily take data generated by their financial information system and create the reports they needed, when they needed them.

OFAC Compliance Reporter and Query Tool

Checking for compliance against the OFAC and the OCC Control lists can take hours. INSPECT can access your Prime database as well as check a delimited text file output from common banking applications for matches and near-matches. Version 2.0 adds comparison against the Control List. Available for purchase or included free with your INSYTE license.