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About RTI


Response Technology, Inc. was founded in 1969 with one objective: to provide business people with the ability to get the information they needed directly from their databases, without having to rely on their IT department. Back in those days, interactive communication with a computer was through a keyboard, using whatever “command language” was appropriate, invariably some form of computer-speak as unattainable to the average business person as Ancient Greek. INSYTE evolved from an interest in using simple English to request information into today’s easiest to use reporting tool by far.

That philosophy of making computers a tool for everyone, without the need for an interpreter, provided end users with the power and flexibility to: 
     Easily Ask for the reports they needed, using their own vocabulary to refer to the fields they wanted (rather than having
       to know what someone else had called each field when designing the database); 
     Easily Specify what they wanted a report to look like: with fields and easily defined formulas formatted and sorted as
       desired, subtotals at any desired control break, coded fields turned into meaningful names, etc.; and 

     Get Answers Immediately, not hours, days, or even weeks later.

While the user interface evolved into the unique and exceptionally intuitive Windows interface you see now, the philosophy behind INSYTE remains the same: to listen to what our clients tell us they need for reporting, and respond accordingly.

Our first client was the University of Washington, for both the hospital and the data processing department. Early other clients included AT&T, the New York State Department of Education, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, the Texas Air Quality Control Board, Westinghouse Corporation, various banks and hospitals, and several timesharing companies.

The staff at RTI has always taken great pride in continually making INSYTE more robust and exceptionally easy to use, and in personally being easily attainable and ever helpful, to solve immediate problems as well as discuss suggestions on how to make INSYTE an ever greater product.